Real World

Spinalonga: The Greek Island Of The ”living-dead”

Spinalonga is a rocky island at the entrance of the Elounda Bay in Lasithi County in Crete. Some of the darkest pages of human pain and misery in

London International Honey Awards 2019

Start building brand awareness for your products !! The purpose of the competitions is to inform honey-growers, honey producers, beekeepers, processors, and retailers, who distribute their standardized products

Olympus: The Magnificent Greek Mountain And Its Mysteries

Olympus is the tallest mountain in Greece, and the second highest in the Balkans with a series of high peaks that form deep ravines around of which it

Real People

Eleana’s Handmade Ideas: When Imagination Turns Into Business!

Artistic personality and sensitive by nature she dreams of a better world, full of love and happiness and she wants to be one of them who contributes to

Patricia Frew: The Scottish Author Who Loves Greece!

Patricia Frew talks about her life choices, the accident that nearly cost her walking and changed her way of thinking, the decision to live permanently on the Greek

Actor Manos Zervakis: I Make Exceptions Only For Exceptional People!

He has great sense of humor, he is young, talented, handsome and…single! Actor Manos Zervakis, at the age of 34, is a new rising star in Greece and

Food as Medicine

Eggs: The Natural Multi-Vitamin!

The egg is so nutritious and with so many health benefits that it should be prescribed even for all health problems! At least, this is what nutritionist Dr.

Grape And Its Healing Properties

The grape is one of the most popular fruits not only for its taste but also for its countless healing qualities. Health experts claim that grape is a

Cherries: The Natural Sleep Aid

Cherries are the best and the only natural source of melatonin, a chemical that regulates our bodies’ internal clock. People who suffer from insomnia or jet lag can


The passion to be perfect

Author:  Denise Vevzioglou – The pursuit of perfection and ideal life does not leave any room for self-improvement and acceptance of different things. In our everyday life, we

The magic of introversion

Author: Maria Manganari – We, introverts, are not necessarily shy or snob. We cannot stand the ongoing interaction with others because we feel it more strongly than the

A Matter Of Self-Esteem!

Author: Georgia Mariakaki – Self-esteem is built at an early age, mainly through the relationships the child has with his parents, peers and “important others”. The term “self-esteem”

Eco News

EU invests billions of euros in battery technology

One out of twenty Europeans work in the automotive industry and the European Union believes that unless they make significant investments in battery technology, these jobs are at


Jamaica becomes the last country to prohibit disposable plastic products. In order to reduce plastic pollution, the Caribbean State will ban plastic disposable plastic bags, plastic straws and

Cut Your Annual Energy Costs! Think Green!

How would it seem to you if you could help to reduce global warming by cutting carbon dioxide emissions and, at the same time, saving up to 40%


Tips for aquarium maintenance and fish care!

The happiness and health of your fish starts from a beautiful and well-preserved aquarium. Here are some useful tips on how to set up and care for your

8 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Hamster

Hamsters are popular pets. They come in different species and each one of them has special and distinctive features, so their future owner must know the choices they

Iguana: 5 Basic Steps To Take Care Of It

Iguanas are the most popular pet choice from the reptile family. These cold-blooded reptiles are not easy to be taken care and, many times, they die during their