10 Things You Might Not Know About Cats

How well do you think you know cats? There are many things that might surprise you! Below you can find 10 of them:

1) Cats are sleeping beauties. They sleep 16 hours per day and the rest of their time they devote it to the treatment.

2) People have 206 bones and 600 muscles in their body while cats have about 290 bones and 517 muscles.

3) Cat’s mustache helps them find their way in the dark and track their food.

4) Do not ever try to lift a cat from its neck! It might break; it’s only done for kittens.

5) Do not try to make a race with a cat. They ran 48 km/h while people run approximately 24-28 km/h

6) Cats are born blind and deaf. They open their eyes 7 days after birth and start to hera 2 weeks later!

7) We think cats “growl” when they are stressed or they hurt somewhere. Researches showed that this sound helps them to heal.

8) When they walk they move the legs that are from the same side and not crosswise.

9) On their front feet they have 5 toes and on their back they have 4.

10) Cats hate the smell of the lemon and of the orange. They do not also feel the taste of the sweet.

Feeling now knowing better your cat?

source: mycat.gr