5 Reasons You Should Dare To Work Abroad

Working abroad is a very challenging professional and personal experience. While some people seem to be born to travel, it can be a scary thought for others. But overcome that fear and uncertainty, and you’ll find there are lots of great reasons to make the decision…

Experience a new culture

No two countries are the same, not even those that share a border or a common history. Working abroad will immerse you in a new culture and expose you to new sights, sounds, tastes and experiences. You’ll meet new people and visit new places. It will broaden your horizons, so take every opportunity you have to get involved, learn and enjoy.

Learn a new language

The EU is a mix of languages and dialects. This means it’s highly likely you’ll get the chance to improve your linguistic skills while working abroad. In fact, it’s well documented that living abroad is one of the best ways to learn a new language because you’ll be surrounded by it, day in and day out. So get practicing!

Boost your self-confidence

As we already mentioned, working abroad is a big challenge. But once you’ve taken that first step into the unknown, you’ll probably surprise yourself by how well you adapt to everything around you. And the more new experiences you expose yourself to, the more confident you’ll become in your ability to handle everything life sends your way.

Improve your future job opportunities

Depending on your home country and chosen industry, the job market can be highly competitive and it can be hard to find work. Spending a year or two working in a country where competition is less fierce can be a great way of gaining valuable experience that will help to put you a step above everyone else when you return home.

Develop your own set of values

We’re all raised with a set of values that are shaped by the people around us. Working abroad gives you the chance to develop your own unique set of values and perhaps change your perspective on certain things. It will help you to reject ideas and opinions you had before about people and life, and you’ll be able to discover what really matters to you.

source: EURES