A Wish Does Not Change Anything. Decision changes all!

How many times have you wished you could change your life? How many times have you flirted with the idea of having a wand and by murmuring a plain ”abra cadabra” you could achieve your goals? You dream of a better life but suddenly you wake up from your daydreaming disappointed of your current state of life. Instead of taking action to change things, you blame your bad luck for not having the opportunities to realize your dreams. But, life itself is the biggest opportunity you have been given along with two powerful tools…your brain and will!

Everybody has the same grams of brain but not all people have the same will to use it properly. This is why you see some people succeeding in life while others fail. Because some people have so strong will to change their life for the better that they transform every obstacle found in their way into an opportunity to discover new alternatives to solve their problems. They become creative people.

The more obstacles creative people find in their way the smarter they become. They see every setback as a valuable lesson to be learnt. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the closer you come to achieving your goals.  Creative people don’t wish; they make decisions and act. They don’t wait for someone to give them an opportunity because creative people create the opportunities by themselves.

If you haven’t achieved your desired goals in life yet is not because of your ”bad luck” or because you are not smart enough but rather because you don’t have the strong will to take those steps that will bring you closer to your dreams. In life, we lack the things we don’t want much and we have all the others we are willing to get. if  you can dream it, you can have it. Your will is the driving force of your life which makes you set goals and achieve them.

If you ask ten strangers on the road what they would like to have in their lives right now, they’ll probably answer:”more money”. Well, even though money doesn’t bring happiness, it does bring some convienience that all of us would appreciate a lot! But, if your goal is to increase your cash flow, for example,you need to make the decision to act. By telling ” to act” i don’t mean that you start empting your pockets in gambling, because if you do so i’m afraid you’ll have to wait for too long to catch the jackpot – if you ever win more than 10 euros! Be more practical, instead. If your wish is to make more money, then your best bet is to deploy all your hidden talents and skills. By doing so, not only you’ll increase your income but you’ll also create the opportunities to fullfil other wishes, like the “i wish i could change job” or “i wish i could meet someone special”, etc. 

If you have a talent in hairstyling, for example, go to a hairdressing school and develop this skill to get your own clients. If you are talented at designing or sewing clothes, you could create and sell your own collection. I remember an old classmate of mine who loved knitting and every winter come to school wearing different and colorful scarves. She  bragged about her handmade creations until we finished school and she quit her hobby to start a career in the hospitality industry. Years later, things got tough for her at work, and she made the decision to act! She went back to her real love, knitting. Today, she owns one of the best selling collections of knitted scarves, caps, gloves and bags on the Greek market. She though it practically and acted creatively! She didn’t wait for an opportunity to sprout; she created the opportunity by herself. Whatever may be your wish and talent, you can do the same.

Everybody has a unique skill that if they use it properly, they will open a new chapter in their book of life! If you are fluent in a foreign language that’s your opportunity to earn some money by teaching or by giving your services as a translator. And, who knows where this decision will lead you! Your wish could be anything from moving in a new house to losing weight. Whatever your wish may be, if you don’t make the decision to act, it will never become true!

Do not compromise with anything less than what you deserve! You live your life for yourself not for others. If you don’t like something, change it. The only person who can stops you from achieving your goals is you. The opportunity you’re looking for is NOW. If you don’t do it ‘now’, ‘later’ will become ‘never’! Wishes and spells are good for fairy tales not for real life. Creativity is the key to your success.

Your life will begin to change the moment you decide to take action because… a wish does not change anything; Decision changes all!