Get over the age obsession and stop the time once and for all!

It doesn’t matter how old you are! What it does matter is how you feel! If you feel good, you look good! Your internal world reflects on your skin! So, stop asking other people their age because it is not only rude but it is also an obsession which hurts your well-being!

This is human nature

When you were a kid you wanted to grow up. Now, that you grew up you want to go back to your youth! Let’s face the truth. We are satisfied with nothing in this life even when we have it all. This happens because society has taught us to be selfish. We think all the world spinning around us and we fail to see the person next to us who has bigger problems than ours. We close our eyes to what happens around us because this makes us feel better. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Open your eyes and see reality. You complain about getting older while some other people wish they had more time in this life. If you have ever visited a hospital, you know what i’m talking about. If getting older is so daunting, then why do people wish to live longer? Life is a gift and getting older is a blessing many people don’t have. Can you bear to tell  a young child who suffers from cancer that you are afraid of aging beacuse you don’t want to see some wrinkles or some white hair? Getting older is a privilege. Don’t wait until something bad happens in your life and force you to appreciate it… 

Getting older is absolutely normal process! 

Stop fighting nature! Going against nature brings more trouble and you know it. I refer to the body appearance obsession which comes with age obsession.  I’m sure you have seen what happens every time people become preoccupied with their appearance and try to stop the time or -even worse- to resemble  someone else. At best, they spend thousand of euros to see their natural beauty vanishes. At worst, they spend even more money to correct the damage and they finally end up living in disfigured bodies dealing with serious health problems. Is that what you really want? I don’t think so. Our modern society is obsessed with many extravagant things. One of them is the age and all the “threats” coming with it! People strive to obtain the perfect body and the impeccable face but they forget to beautify their internal world. We live in a world full of pretty girls and boys but empty of pretty minds! It is the good relatioship you have with yourself that makes you shine on the outside not the bottox or the face-lift. If you live a balanced life and feel good , you look good, you shine! If you are preoccupied with your external appearance and you  undergo surgery after surgery to improve every flaw you find, the stress and the nonacceptance of yourself will make you look older than your age. Not to mention how you’ll look if the plastic surgery goes wrong… Nothing is wrong with you getting older. It is absolutely normal.

Asking other people’s age harms your self esteem!

What will you learn about someone if they tell you their age? Does knowing people’s age affect the relatioship you have with them or  help you judge whether they’re  good persons or not? Is the age of someone indicative of their character or maturity? If your answers to these questions are negative then, what do you earn by being obsessed with  age? It is not a matter of curiosity. Being obsessed with age makes you to compare yourself with others and this is the worst thing you can do. You get caught in the trap of comparing other people’s age and appearance with yours and depending on what you consider as ”better” or ”worse” you feel accordingly. You fail to understand that every pesron is unique and bears unique physical traits and you become critical to yourself generating negative feelings and inferioty complex. Don’t forget that aging goes hand in hand with DNA structure. Your DNA is unique, so you are. The sooner you accept it the better for you. Love yourself as it is, accept the years you carry on your shoulders and be proud of them!

Make peace with life and yourself

Take stock of your life. Look back and recognize your achievements and failures. Now, look forward and put the list of all the things you haven’t done yet in your future plans. Do you see any restriction in making the things you want? No! Do you see any advantage in your current situation? Yes, your age! You are wiser than you were 20 years ago, this is why you keep thinking about the things you would do differently in your 20’s if you had the mind you have now in your 40’s! You have the knowledge and experience to avoid previous mistakes and go on in the new stages of life circle with more wisdom. What else do you want? Pick your favorite age, 22,25, 28, 35, 40, whatever you like, and live it with the experience of your current age! Make peace with life and yourself, stay positive, love your reflection in the mirror, feel the serenity your wisdom gives you and you’ll have overcome the age obsessity once and for all. No bottox or plastic surgery can makes you look younger than this.

Remember! The healthy diet, regualar excercise, good sleep and meditation do wonders to body and soul and lead to successful aging! You have nothing to fear by getting older. Enjoy the years to come and next time someone asks your age, simply tell them how you feel!

Life doesn’t stop in 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. Life stops when you give up…