Should You Turn Back To A Relationship Or Not?

Should you turn back to a relationship or not?

You have heard many stories about people who turned back in a relationship, lost their precious time and got hurt. Every experience in life has a lesson to teach us, thus you should always ask yourself : “what did I learn from it?”. On the other hand, if you ask: “why did this happen to me? what have I done wrong?”, you put yourself in a situation of frustration and selfpity – not to mention that you take nothing as a life lesson. Nothing is a given in human relationships and each story is different from another, for the very simple reason that each relationship is formed by different people with different personalities. The fear of being hurt as well as the selfishness of an individual are commonly found in “turn back” situations. Usually…

  • You don’t turn back if the other person doesn’t want you
  • You don’t turn bak if your relationship cycle has come to an end
  • You don’t turn back if you have given many opportunities
  • You don’t turn back if he/she doesn’t appreciate you
  • You don’t turn back if you are not sure about the result
  • You don’t turn back if something never changes
  • You don’t turn back if you have been hurt badly
  • You don’t turn back if your motive is based on fear
  • You don’t turn back if your matter is selfishness
  • You don’t turn back because you are used to the relationship routine
  • You don’t turn back because you have something to gain

Nevertheless, there are cases, where people didn’t start a relationship very well and everything about them seemed to not work out well but, against all the odds, they managed somehow to live together for an entire life. For these people “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. The first steps in relatioships are mainly identifying, and the couples jump to conclusions without actually discussing much with each other. Usually, they talk and analyse their relationship with friends and family members but not with their mates themselves, and that’s why the relationship ends…

  • When you have something to say
  • When you have something to give
  • When the relationship cycle has not come to an end or the relatioship didn’t even start
  • When you left something in the middle or have questions
  •  When you love and have strong feelings
  • When you haven’t given as much as you wanted too
  • When you hope everything is going to be ok at the end
  • When you can’t sleep at night
  • When  you want to try at taking all risks
  • When you want to get some answers
  • When you want to do the step
  • When you know what you want

Then, you turn back…!

Human relationships are not “all sales final”, because people put their souls into them and they are entitled to make mistakes!

‘’ Like a star guides a ship across the ocean

Thats how your love, can take me home

Back to you

And if I wish upon a star

Someday I’ll be where you are

And I know that day is coming soon

Yeah, I’m coming back to you… ‘’

Song : Back to You / Bryan Adams


Manos Zervakis has an B.A. in Performing Arts from Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh. He has taken part in theatre plays and film productions. He is a writer and personal development consultant – Life Coach at Ωριμάζω. He’s currently attending the Social Theology and Religious Studies department of  the National University of Athens.