Social Media Are Doomed To Collapse When People Return To Real Life

For how long can humanity withstand the depression to live through social media?

We live in an era where technology brings people closer together, or maybe it alienates them? 

20 years ago, people lived a very different life, a very real life! Back then, young people didn’t spend their time uploading photos of their life on Facebook or Instagram for the sake of some “likes”. Friends met each other and exchanged their news in a face to face conversation in their favorite cafe. Women and men were not stuck in front of a mirror to take the perfect shelfie in order to have their “comments section” filled with fake admiration words from people who had never met in their life. Back then, you didn’t need to send “emoticons”  to show people how you feel, because they could see you live. You could send real flowers and cards to wish someone a happy birthday. There were real relationships, real boyfriends and girlfriends with real emotions. Children had less cognitive problems and better school performance because they didn’t grow up with a smartphone in one hand and a tablet in the other. They had real friends and real games to play with and sharp their minds. Public relations were easier because people spent a lot of time outside house, meeting and interacting with other people and making new real friends and acquaintances.

20 years ago, people were not as depressed as they are today, because they had the chance to integrate as  members into a real community. People were not figures on a facebook or a tweeter screen…500″likes”, 1500″comments”, 200 “tweets”.  They were real people in a real society. A society with its ups and downs but in any case REAL. 

Isn’t it weird that in our days, where it is supposed there’s a better quality of life, the chances for someone to live this quality life are less than they were before the social media era? 

One may say that people back then could afford to spend more money to socialize outside the house. Well, the truth is that things now have changed. The financial situation of many individuals has dereteriorated the last ten years and this has made people to stay home.  But living a quality life does not necessarily mean that you spend  lots of money. The wrong thing people usually do is to connect quality with money and material possessions. That’s the difference between the previous and new generation.

20 years ago people spent less and had better quality of life, spending their time with family and friends, having hobbies and going vacations. Now people spend more, overcharging their credit cards to show off their new gadgets and buy those extra megabytes that will keep them connected with their virtual lives on social media.   

Today, it is more evident than ever before in human history that in the era of facebook, tweeter, and dozen others, people feel lonely and alienated despite the fact that the social media open the door of global communication. If you don’t believe that this is true then, how would you feel if you couldn’t get access to your facebook account for one week? For how long have you survived with no internet connection? You see…

And, while the founders of those platforms count their billions in California, psychologists, sociologists and educators worldwide focus on the real problems and  raise the alarm for the upcoming years.

The negative impact of social media on people’s life

Anger, envy and grudge have their own place on comments section. That’s the truth. People become more aggressive when they use the social media platforms because they hide themselves behind a lifeless computer screen and they use that safety to behave in a way they would not do so in a face to face interaction. That has icreased the cyber bulling by 150%.


Privacy exposure puts people in danger. According to police reports, the number of break-ins has increased in the last years because more and more social media users expose personal information on their accounts. Where you live, who you are with, whether you are home or not, how is your house inside and outside – what a beautiful and easy accessible garden you have! –  whether you have a dog, cat, children, husband, wife, car or not. All the information criminals need to track down their victims are on social media accounts and it is YOU who have given them these info. Social media platforms are open platforms and there is no guaranteed security!  Er, how many times has Mr. Zuckerberg admitted that facebook was hacked..? 

More than 52% of people who interact every day with others via social media suffer from some sort of social dysfunction. Shyness, social anxiety, nervousness, palm sweating, communication breakdown are the most common problems people experience when they meet each other in person. Even worse, many people claim they feel more comfortable when they send others messages on fb or via email rather than when they phone them. God help us not to forget how to speak out words…

People become so preoccupied with social media that they end up spending hours to build their virtual life while they lose track of their real one. Psychologists underline this as a negative impact because once the person becomes addicted to the virtual world, they come closer to depression and other serious mental disorders when they don’t have access to it. They become addicted to social media. 

Moral decay! I don’t know how else to describe it! Women alike men upload photos showing publicly their… ”natural talents” in all imaginative poses! Human’s sexuality has lost its meaning and people are willing to humiliate themeselves for some “likes”. The more vulgar and idiot you look the more “likes” you get. The more useless nonsense you post the cooler you become! And all this “educational material” is easily accessible to young children….

Putting all these together, the first question that comes to my mind is for how long will people accept living like this?

Humanity survived through centuries due to their ability to build communities. In whatever place on this planet an animal diverges from the herd, it dies. Humans are not exception. We need real human relationships to live a balanced life. The good news is that many people have been awakened and have chosen the real path of life and, contrary to what some statistics show, social media are doomed to collapse the day people will go back to reality. And that day is not so far. Needless to say that statisticians have failed numerous times before, probably because they tried to work in favor of best interests…  The reality is that more and more people are closing their accounts on facebook and tweeter and neither company has denied it.

You know, the whole matter is like a bubblegum…it grows bigger and bigger until it bursts on the face of those who chewing it. And  millions of people around the globe have chewed the bubblegum of social media long enough to see the quality of their lives being changed for the worst. On the other hand, in American history, it won’t be the first time they will experience the bursting of a bubble…and history tends to make cycles…!