Stop your cat from scratching furniture!

The scratching posts and water spray are the most effective ways to stop your cat from scratcing furniture! 

The good living with your pet depends on the time you spend to train it. Animals have prooved so far that they are more clever than what people think. You should remember that they are hardwired to survive in nature where is their physical environment. If you have any problems with your fury friend is probably because you don’t know enough about its species or breed, thus you don’t know how to properly train them. This is why it is important to get to know the basic information about a pet before you take it home. When it comes to cats, the most common problem their owners have is the scratching of furniture. However, this should not be an obstacle between you and your beloved pet, once there are specific things you can do to save your household from cat decoration!

The reasons behind scratching

Your cute kitten doesn’t scratch your furniture because it wants to piss you off! Cats have their own reasons for scratching.

  1. They need to clean their paws and shorten or sharpen their nails. In nature they are predators and not cute kittens. It is normal for them to sharpen their nails as this helps them catch their prey easier.
  2. They want to stretch their body’s muscles, pretty much the same way as you do every morning when you wake up.
  3. They mark territorial areas with their own scent. You may don’t smell anything but other animals do know whose this area is! 

How to solve the problem

Purchase a scratcing board! 

It is important to buy the scratching apparatus as soon as you get your cat home so as it has not the time to scratch your furniture and leave its smell on them. Once your cat scent-mark a piece of furniture it will be more difficult for you to distract its attention to the scratching post. Watch your cat’s behavior and habits. Not all cats behave the same way. For example, some scratch horizontal surfaces, such as the floor, bed mattress, couch, etc., while some others prefer vertical surfaces such as chair legs, curtains, etc. Next step, you visit a pet shop, tell the clerk your cat’s age and weight and they will provide you with the appropriate scratching board. They probably suggest that having both a vertical and an horizontal scratching board in different rooms is the best solution. Train your cat to use the post by playing with a toy in a way that your cat’s paws touch or scratch the post. You can even show your cat how to scratch the post by using your nails. Cats are smart animals, they will try to do the same. For every time your cat scratches the post pat it gently and give it a treat.

Water-spray it! 

It is not a myth! Cats don’t like water and in many cases water-spraying a cat when it is ready to use its nails on something is the best way to stop it from its scratching habit! Follow your cat with a spray bottle in the hand and when it is about to scratch your furniture, spray the cat!It is a bit funny yet effective! Tip: don’t come too close when you water spray your cat because if it gets scared, it will jump! And you don’t want it to land upon your head! As for its  health, there is nothing to worry about! It will keep all of its seven lives!

Visit your vet for a… manicure!

As it was mentioned earlier, one of the reasons cats scratch things is because they want to sharpen or shorten their nails. Taking care of this with the help of a professional will minimize your cat’s need for scratching. Your vet is the right person to tell you how often to trim your cat’s nails and show you how to do it without hurting the cat. An alternative solution is to use nail caps. The nail caps are made from soft and flexible material and they glue on your cat’s nails easily. Even though the cap nails are safe, they may cause some inconvienience to your pet if you use them for the first time.

Most cat owners say that scratching posts and water-spray really helped them to deal with the problem. However, in some cases where it seems that the above methods don’t work at all for a cat, some vets suggest that you declaw your pet. BUT, you must think twice before you decide to declaw your cat.

Declawing any animal  is immoral (as other human actions that go against nature), cruel, illegal in Europe and, as all surgical procedurres, perhaps dangerous for your cat’s health!

Each pet has its own character but all animals are smart enough to be trained the way their owners want. Stay positive that you’ll find a way to share the house with your cat and both of you will be satisfied with your common living! The only thing you have to do is to spend some time to teach them what is accepted and what is not, and give them their time to learn.  Your pet deserves your love and attention and it will return this love every day! After all, you will spend many years together! 


Sotia Bella