Take some time to listen to your inner voice. It always gives the correct answers

Nobody knows better than you. Remember how many times you said ”if i only had trusted my intuition…”

You have spent endless sleepless nights to think about everything you didn’t have the time to think during the day. You can change this. If you give yourself some time alone in the day you will enjoy the serenity of the night. By taking your time you will stop being sleepless and you’ll be healthier, mentally and physically. It is never too late to start a new habit to enhance your well-being.

Find a peacfull place; somewhere you can relax and get in touch with your youself. Close your phone or any other electronic device distracts your attention, close your eyes, take a deep breath and unwind from anything stressful. Now, it is your time of the day. There are no bosses, family, friends, boyfriends, nobody. For the next moments there is nothing stressful, nothing negative. This is the moment you dive into your inner self and your discussion about all the unsolved matters just begins. You don’t even have to open your mouth. Your mind will take care of it. Once you are relaxed, hundreds of thoughts will start popping up one after the other. It is ok. Don’t try to stop them because they will persist more. Simply let those thoughts to run through your mind until they are processed and stored correctly; if not, your mind will discard them as useless. It is exactly this function of your brain which keeps your mental and emotional state in good balance and it is absolutely necessary to give yourself these moments.

Don’t doubt about yourself anymore. You are an intelligent creature and all the answers to your questions exist in you. The only thing you need to do is to claim your space and time, calm down and think. Think about the goals you achieved and those you missed; are you willing to try again? Think about your personality; what you like about it the most and what you’d like to change. What are your strong traits and what your weakness? Have you learnt from your mistakes or the root of your current problems lies to you repeating the same behavior? Recall all the happy moments of your life and visualize the next ones; with whom would you like to be? where would you like to be?

You don’t have to come to any conclusion or take serious decisions about your life. Just relax and think. Have a talk with you and don’t bother if any negative thoughts pop up suddenly. Relax and stay positive that your brain will treat them accordingly.  Your everyday duties won’t stop to fill your life but this should not be an excuse for you not to take your time.

By taking your time and relaxing you open the door to your subconsciuous mind. It is when the magic begins. Suddenly, many questions find their answers; the ”unsolable” matters of your life find a solution and the ”obstacles”  become chances. The actions you take become more conscious and your life path is more oriented. Your feelings isn’t a burden any more because your brilliant mind processes and resolves all those thoughts that cause you negative feelings. When you take your time, all the events of your life are put in the correct order. When you choose the contrary, you create a tangle of thoughts that cannot find their way to be stored or discarded, spreading with this way the chaos which causes you all the stress in the end.

Give other people a chance to understand why you want to have your relaxing moments. It doesn’t matter if they don’t see eye to eye with you, for as long as they respect that need of yours; if they don’t then, you should think how many other needs of yours don’t respect either and decide whether these people deserve to have a place in your life or not.

In any case, you need to take your time to think and listen to what YOU have to say…

Sotia Bella