Your Birth Flower Reveals Your Personality!

Many people know their zodiac sign and what this represents. However, only few know that each month represents not only a zodiac sign but also a flower that has a specific symbolism and gives individuals different characteristics.

Find your birth flower following the month of your birthday!



Flower Meaning: fascination, devoted love, consolation, distinction, a friend in adversity

Personality type: Carnation ”people” are believed to be very ambitious and determined to achieve great goals in their lives. They are very protective with their family and people. They are loyal friends and always ready to help others. Even though they may look a bit strict, they are very sensitive but they don’t let others see their sensitivity. They usually enjoy waking up early in the morning, taking a healthy breakfast and going for a walk in nature. When they don’t work, something quite rare, they like to spend their free time somewhere peacefull – usually at sea or mountain – where they will be able to clear their thoughts. This is why many people think of them as rather lonely personalities. They also know to keep secrets very well  and rarely expose their personal life.



Flower Meaning: Modesty, virtue, young love, faithfulness, wisdom and hope. Violets also convey the meaning that someone is honest and starightforward with others.

Personality type:“Violet people” are individuals who have strong will. They have the ability to remain calm even in difficult situations and they try hard to find solutions to their problems. They are very intuitive, mature, original persons and never follow or copy others. They usually take initiatives and walk on their own path. What differentiates them from others is the unique way they approach life and explain what happens around them. Their personal views usually seem a bit provocative to the others. It is believed that they experience many ”strange” things, such as seeing visions or having intence dreams.



Flower Meaning: regard, devotion , affection, returned, sympathy, spring, rebirth, domestic happiness, respect

The daffodil is considered a symbol of a new beginning, hope and regeneration. It also signifies the positive attitude, offer and sympathy.

Personality type:People under the effect of daffodil are honest and peacemakers. They are usually artists or have similar talents. They are polite and empathize with the less fortunate people. They like to take care of everyone, they are dear persons, make friends easily and they always try to solve every kind of misunderstanding. Unfortunately, ”daffodil” people are usually victims of deception as many crook people exploit their sensitivity and their good intentions. They don’t have very good relatioship with money and they tend to spend even the last penny in order to please others or cover their need for shopping therapy. Especially people born until the 19th of March they tend to overspending, emptying their wallets and go over their credit card limit!



Flower Meaning:  Innocence, youth, purity, blissful, pleasure, departure

Daisy symbolizes innocence and happiness, as well as modesty, youthful nature and true love.

Personality type: Daisy people are generally smart, happy, lucky and want to spread the joy and smile to everyone around them. They have excellent leadership skills and tend to use them properly to succeed in life. They tend to overreacting to the critisism of others and they could easily turn over a conversation to a dispute. However, they rarely have bad intentions towards others and, soon after a quarrel they come back back to their normal feelings and never hold a grudge. They are very lucky when it comes to job opportunities and they can adapt easily to a different working environment. They don’t have any problem to work hard to make money but they also don’t have any problem to spend their hard-working money in a couple of hours! It is believed that they adore colorful things and jewelery, they feel more comfortable taking vacations in places where they will be able to enjoy nature and good food!


Lily of the valley

Flower Meaning: love, appreciation, passion, beauty, perfection, sweetness, humility, fertility and hope

Personality type:Lily of the valley people are beautiful and charming. Despite the sweetness of their character, they have practical spirit, resilience and they can easily cope with difficult situations. They are also loyal friends, excellent gardeners and manual workers! Actually, it seems that lily of the valley people have great skills in making things by hand, such as handmade jewellery, bags, sandals, even wooden furniture and other creations! This ability often lead them in starting up their own businesses, turning their hobbies into real and well paid jobs.  Another trait of lily of the valley people is their cooking skills and their love for good food, trait that makes them excellent chefs! They are also very quiet individuals, they try to avoid troubles and, they usually reach very old age!



Flower Meaning:  Humility, chastity, and sweetness, love, romance, friendship, admiration.

Personality type: People who belong to the “Rose” month are  romantic and affectionate. Their feelings may change, though, as rose comes in so many different colors thus, having many different feelings. For example, red roses symbolize love and passion, white innocence and purity, pink friendliness and gratitude and yellow may signifies platonic love or hatred. You could describe a ”rose” individual being rather ”unstable” personalities, especially when it comes to their relationships. They have many friends and they don’t have any problem to make even more friends! They are not very good at keeping secrets, not because they don’t want to but, rather because they don’t remember what tell to whom! ”Rose people” love fun in life and  during their lifetime they will have made many acquaintances and friendships. They adapt easily to changes, they love travels and they are always on the go. They have a great power to cope with any difficulty but they should moderate their rush in doing things. Rumors say that they cannot survive without their smartphone….



Flower Meaning:   strong bonds of love, devotion, affection, laughter, purity of heart, sensitivity, lightness, refresh, good luck, laughter, joy and happiness.

Personality type: People of Larkspur have an amazing sense of humor, as well as a very charming and impressive personality. They are generally warm and sympathetic, often devoted to the family and attached to their mothers. Larkspur flower gives to those who were born on July the most intuitive skills. It is said that larksppur people have been recorded on researches as the most emotional intelligent individuals. They love children and their ability to understand child psychology makes them excellent teachers. They love the sea and fishing and they could spend entire days and nights near the water. They love good food but their high levels of anxiety may cause them food disorders. Common source of their stress is …change! Nope, they don’t like changes a lot  and they feel good the known and familiar situations. They tend to cry easily and they perceive their home as their private ”shelter”. They have very vivid and usually foretelling dreams.  If they don’t learn how to control their feelings and detach from them when needs be, they probably end up with severe depression and other mental disorders.



Flower Meaning: strength of character; sincerity; generosity; natural grace, imagination, moral integrity, remembrance, infatuation, honor

Gladiola symbolizes interest, memory, dedication and commitment to the family. During the Victorian era it meant “love at first sight”.

Personality type: People who belong to “Gladiola”  month is believed to be charming and enthusiastic, strong-hearted, focused and hard working individuals and very successful in their professional life. Strong intuition and leadership are among their greatest natural talents. They love nature, animals, gourmet food and sleep – lot of sleep! They struggle to wake up in the mornings very simply because they don’t go to bed early! They love night and many times they use the serenity of the night to work on some project, clean the house or just stare the sky and  stars and think. People born in Gladiola month may have more than one careers and we usually find them possessing high positions in big companies or run their own bussiness successfully. They have a very distinct ability to climb the work ladder; for example,  you see a ”Gladiola” person working as mailman and after six months you find him being the director of the post office! They are also sensitive but they don’t reveal their sensitivities out of fear of be taken advantage. One of their greatest skill is that they can convince others about almost everything! They are very persuasive when they talk and their appearance shows trustworthy persons thus, it is quite easy for them to become actors and politicians….!



Flower Meaning: Symbol of patience, daintiness deep love and affection

Aster mainly symbolizes satisfaction and care.

Personality type: Aster people is believed to be good at their job, active and focused on what they do. They always follow a certain way and they chase the perfect way. They are also good listeners and speakers  and this makes them excellent communicators. They like to keep their house tidy, their cloths clean and, their food healthy! They love nature and they are a bit traditional in their relationships. They don’t like cold weather and traffic jam.  They are very thrifty and they rarely spend money to buy things they don’t need. They usually suffer from stomachaches and strong headaches, caused mainly by their high levels of stress. During a conversation they tend to be argumentative. They have excellent memory, they are good at maths and it is said that they don’t forgive other people’s mistakes that easy….



Flower Meaning: warm, fierce, elegance, diplomatic personalities, charm, comfort, good luck and long life

Personality type: People of Marigold month are romantic, cute, and they have excellent negotiation skills. They are generally sensitive, erotic and seek harmony and comfort in life. They have excellent taste in almost everything, in their clothes, food, home decoration, etc. They seek for balance in their lives and they hate disputes. They are great actors and excellent negotiators. Their appearance is usually shiny and attractive.   They are kind and quiet individual and their only ”drawback” is that they try to have good relationships with everyone thus, they may be accused as being rather pretentious and dishonest.



Flower Meaning: cheerfulness, friendship, rest, love, abundance, wealth

Personality type:People who belong to the “Chrysanthemum” have a pleasant personality. They are generally very kind and compassionate by nature, with a strong sixth sense and tend to follow their hearts rather than their minds. They make new friends quite easily and they are very honest. They like to enjoy good food, nice places, travels and they are generally very optimistic persons. They see the glass half-full and never half-empty. Some people accuse chrysanthemum people as imature.



Flower Meaning: sweetness, selfishness, formality, foresight, good wishes, good vibes, success, richness

Personality type: People who belong to this flower are powerful, passionate and  no difficulty is capable to stop them from succeding in life. They are self confident,  they love family, they have good rational and they follow their own systematic attempts to achive their goals. They set high goals that usually achieve. They like traditional relationships and they are loyal lovers. They have strong sexuality but they are very shy – this is why they keep low profil. They enjoy luxuries and they are willing to work hard maintain a high level in their lives. They prefer mountains for their vacations and their social status matters a lot to them.

Sotia Bella